GEOG 101: Winter, 2008


Newspaper use and final paper.

Daily newspaper readings:

Map information

Homework assignments:

Pet Peeve: border vs boarder. Use either of these two words incorrectly, and you will receive a 'zero' for that question.

And the movie list, as promised (note, none of these are documentaries, so don't treat them as such):

  • Stripes. Starring Bill Murray. Hilarious. Some awful cold war/iron curtain commentary. Do NOT consider this in any way, shape, or form historically accurate. But hilarious.
  • Dr. Strangelove: Cold war commentary. Disturbing. Well worth a watch.
  • Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Incredible acting, the best costume design ever. A fun movie, and a some excellent Australian imagery. Do not watch if you're homophobic.
  • Man of the Year. Robin Williams. Also hilarious. And excellent commentary on presidential elections.
  • Good Morning Vietnam. Another Robin Williams flick (he's come a long ways since ALF). Disturbing Vietnam era commentary. With Louis Armstrong tunes, to boot.


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