Geog 301: Introduction to GIS and Maps

Spring, 2017


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Rough lecture outlines

  • Week 1 (classes 28/30 March)
  • Week 2 4/6 April) (Add/Drop period ends on 10 January).
  • Week 3 (11/13 April).
  • Week 4 (18/20 April): Book report due on Friday, 21 April .
  • Week 5 (25/27 April) ). 26 April: last day to withdraw, 50% refund. Midterm 27 April!
  • Week 6 (2/4 May) dating
  • Week 7 (9/11 May) (12 May - uncontested withdraw deadline).
  • Week 8 (16/18 May).
  • Week 9 (23/25 May) Oh cool. check it out
  • Week 10 (30 May/1 June)
  • Week 11 (Final Exam, 10-12AM Tuesday, 6 June)

Required readings Due every Friday, starting on Week 2.

Book report - How to Lie wth Maps. Due 21 April

Labs: (note - Unless otherwise stated, all labs are due 4 week days from the day handed out. Monday labs are due Friday by 5:00; Wednesday labs are due Tuesday by 5:00. Hand in at the mailboxy thing outside my office door). Be sure all labs/readings are stapled together (but not labs to readings, or multiple labs together, etc). And make sure your name is legible. Seriously, never annoy the person who is about to grade your work right before they do so.

  • Lab 1: Topo maps 1 (3 pts) (Due friday, 31 March)
  • Lab 2: Topo maps 2 (3 pts). (Due Monday, 3 April)
  • Lab 3: Topo maps 3 (3 points) (due monday, 10 april)
  • Lab 4: Intro to Google Earth. Avian Flu file HERE. Download THIS word document and put all the answers on it. Only use this answer sheet if you want any credit. 3 points.
  • Lab 5: More bearing/distance stuff within GE. And isolines. 3 points. Due monday the 17th.
  • lab 6: Gregory's Journal. 4 points.
  • Sample map questions and answers. Stuff to help you study.
  • Lab 7: A very basic intro to ArcGIS. 2 points. Note, jump all over this, as you need to have it done before you can do lab 8. This is one lab to get done very early.
  • Lab 8. Tissot's indicatrix - a review of projections. From Sterling. (3 points)
  • Lab 9: Campus map (3 points).
  • Lab 10: Labeling
  • Lab 11: classification. 5 points.
  • Lab 11b: Classification 2. 4 points.
  • Lab 12: to be done on Wed or thursday, 17/18 May. These days are SOURCE. Instead of class, your job is to attend a total of at least three talks/posters. Pick three which include maps of some sort (and preferably some sort of map analysis). At least one must be a presentation, at least one must be a poster. For each, take notes, etc and hand in a 1 page writeup for each talk/poster. Include the following for each one:
    1. The title and author of the talk.
    2. A one paragraph summary of the research project.
    3. A sentence or two explaining how this presentation relates to mapping.
    4. A short critique of the maps and spatial analysis which were presented. (1-2 paragraphs)
    5. One paragraph or so explaining what you liked, didn’t like, etc. Note: I really don’t care whether you like it or not, what I am interested in is the WHY. Very similar to the readings you do every week. I highly suggest you spend some quality time at SOURCE checking out what other students are doing. Then do the writeup on the three you find most interesting.
    6. This will be worth 3 points. Due on the Monday following the presentations.
  • Lab 13: Map critique
  • Lab 14: Graduated circles and multivariate mapping.
  • Lab 15: Metadata and online mapping. Due by noon on monday of finals week. 4 points.

Tutorial Datasets will be located on the GIS Lab Server - Download them as needed to your flash drive. NEVER work on them from the server.

Some cool links:

Bob's Homepage # Geography Dept. # CWU


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