GEOG 417

Advanced GIS


Rough lecture outlines

Required readings

A good bit of the information covered in this class was taken from the NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIScience (both the original and newer web version).  For a lot of good info, goto the Core Curriculum.

ESRI online classes: Coming soon as soon as I can get good instructions on how to give you permission..... There will be 9 over the quarter, one due each friday starting week 2. Do the class, then the exam. To get full credit, you will need to get a 90% or better on the exam. Hand in - print an esri screen which shows your name, class name, and grade. And if you print a page with multiple grades, be sure to circle the one you are handing in.

  1. 3D visualization techniques using ArcGIS (due friday 29 Sept)
  2. 3D analysis of surfaces and features using ArcGIS
  3. Creating 3D data using ArcGIS
  4. Introduction to editing parcels. This class seems to have been retired over the summer. Do" Editing in ArcGIS Desktop" instead.
  5. Managing parcel data using ArcGIS. Need to find something else... Howsabout "Calculating Density Using ArcGIS"
  6. Getting started with Geodatabase Topology
  7. Regression analysis using ArcGIS
  8. Exploring Market Areas using Business Analyst online
  9. Depending on your python skills, your choice of:
    1. Basics of Python
    2. Python scripting for geoprocessing workflows
    3. creating python scripts for raster analysis

NOTE: if you want more resources, Penn State has a ton of free online classes (or at least class material). For example, a followup to the ESRI Python classes can be found here.


The Big Research Project

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