GEOG 417

Advanced GIS


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Required readings

A good bit of the information covered in this class was taken from the NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIScience (both the original and newer web version).  For a lot of good info, goto the Core Curriculum.

ESRI online classes: Codes emailed to you! To get in, goto , sign in (or create an account), head to "my virtual campus traning," and then enter a code into the "start a new web course" box toward the upper right. Work through them, do the exam. Print out the exam results. Do each until you get at least a 85% or equivalent on the exam. 1 point each. Due fridays by 5:00

NOTE: if you want more resources, Penn State has a ton of free online classes (or at least class material). For example, a followup to the ESRI Python classes can be found here.



Project 1: Zombies, Superheros, and stuff

Project 2: The Big Research Project


Useful job seeker info

ArcInfo Commandments

Metadata hints

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