Mineral Resources

Required Readings, Winter, 2015

All readings are available either online or on the data drive, geog444 subdirectory.

If possible, please read online and don't print the articles- one of my objectives is to save photocopying/printing costs - AND let you view the images in color! Further, please do not print large jobs in the GIS lab - head over to one of the campus labs. Your tech fee money pays for printing in public labs, but not in the GIS Lab. Printing elsewhere saves geography money and, in these budget cut days, will let us stretch our money farther and maintain services. In other words, if y'all print too much, you won't have the printer available (a classic case of the Tragedy of the Commons).

All labs are due by Friday at 5:00 in the mailboxy thing outside my office door.

1. (due 9 Jan)

2. (due 16 Jan)

3. (due 23 Jan)

4. (due 30 Jan) (OK - for these, while the topic is similar, they are written from very different perspectives. So.... two 1-page writeups, one for each article.

5. (due 6 Feb) (The Resource Curse!) 2 pages this week.....

6. (due 13 Feb) (US Dependence on furriners) Give me a single writeup for the first two articles, then a second page on the third. Because it's not just all about the minerals themselves.

7. (due 20 Feb): As this is a bit long, there's only one. It should provide some good background on mining in both the US and WA. It is a decade out of date, and the deposit (where I did my MS) is now being mined. As it's long, think about 2 pages.

8. (due 27 Feb): one writeup per article

9. (Due 6 March): one writeup per article.

Writeup format

For EACH paper, do the following:
1. Outline the paper (in outline format, about 1/2 a page). Examples of outline format at 1, 2, 3.
2. Summarise the main points of the article (at least one paragraph, depending on the complexity of the paper) and how the info in the article might relate to other papers, lectures, other readings, your own experience, etc… In other words, show that you have thought about the article, not just rehashed the last paragraph or two. About half a page.

When grading outlines, I ask the question 'did the student read the paper.'

When grading summaries, I ask the question 'did the student think about the paper.' In short, if all the information in the summary is in the paper, I cannot give full credit.

Note: to be accepted, the writeups MUST be typed. They are due by 5:00 on the due date (in my mailbox next to my office door). Late writeups (or emailed submissions) will NOT be accepted.

Grading: Each set of readings will be worth 1% of your final grade.

Also note: information pulled from the readings will be on the midterm and final exams.

Sample writeup