Data and Google Earth

GEOG 499: Winter, 2011

Credits: 1
GEOG 499


  • to become more familiar with the capabilites of Google Earth, including
    • cartography
    • importing data
    • manipulating the interface
    • making data public
    • and a little data collection.


Google Earth is becoming a ubiquitous tool in the geogspatial industry; many industries are publishing their data without having to purchase expensive software. The foci of the class are getting data import/export, data management, and publishing data within Google Earth. It will also expose students to Google Earth Pro.


Dr. Robert Hickey
316 Dean Hall
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Lecture/Lab Program

        Time: Mondays 2:00 - 2:50. Dean Hall GIS lab

Office Hours:

Monday and tuesday, 10:00 - 11:00AM

Text : none


The following requirements are compulsory.  Failure to comply with these instructions will result in the student failing the class.

Assignments, practicals, and reading writeups must be submitted by the DUE DATE to qualify for full marks unless PRIOR arrangements have been made with the professor.  Late assignments will be penalised by reducing the marks achieved by 25 percent (or .5 point, whichever is larger) for each day or part of day that the work is late. 

To pass the class, students must:

  • Complete all practical work assigned;
  • Submit all assignments;
  • Achieve an overall grade of at least 60% .


type Percent Description
Tutorials 95% Labs
Readings 5% Short writeups of articles.
Attendance 5% Roll will be taken at the START of class - showing up late is the same as an absence.0-1 absences = 10 pts, 2 = 8 points, 3 = 6 points, 4 = 4 points, 5 = 2 point, 6+ = 0 points.
Total 100%  

Misc. Rules:

The following requirements are compulsory. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in the student failing the class.


Copying another student's work with or without his/her knowledge, or giving/receiving aid during any test or examination is cheating. Any student caught cheating will receive a final mark of "F" regardless of marks earned on other assessed work.

Copying an author's work without proper citation is plagiarism. Ensure that you provide proper citation in ALL WRITTEN WORK submitted in this unit.

The submission for assessment of identical or nearly identical work by two or more students is collusion.

Students who engage in plagiarism or collusion will be required to re-submit the work. If the new work is submitted by the specified deadline, is the student's own work, and is judged to be worth at least 60% marks (passing), the mark for that single piece of assessed work shall be recorded as zero. If the work is not re-submitted, is not on time, does not pass, or is the result of further collusion or plagiarism, the final mark for the class will be a "F".

At the instructor's discretion: points will be deducted for classroom interruptions. This includes (but is not limited to) cell phones - a maximum of 1 point will be deducted for every time the phone rings (not per call). Answering the phone is included as a separate distraction. For example, Johnny's phone rings three times before he answers it (not turns it off) - he could lose 4 points (same as 4% of his final grade).

Rough outline of topics to be covered. Note: this may change.

  • How to use google earth
  • collecting, editing, and uploading data to google earth
  • google earth cartography
  • building 3D objects in sketchup

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