Intro to Google Earth

GEOG 499: spring, 2015

Credits: 1
GEOG 499

Lab 3

Campus Art. Or town. Or anything super cool.

Your assignment is to showcase Central Washington University’s campus art or, really, anything cool on Google Earth.  As with most projects, data collection is the first phase.  Thus, each of you will head out onto campus and collect photos of as many outdoor sculptures/art thingies that you can find.  Feel free to wander in groups, but I do expect each of you to shoot your own photos. I will be looking for unique photos, outstanding descriptions, and effort.  Artwork can be sculptures, buildings, images, etc.  Get at least 10.  Be creative. However, make sure you photos meet the panoramio guidelines:

But first, wander onto Google Earth and see what you can find about CWU:  photos, etc.  Be sure to check out the street view photos. Also, as this was done last year, check to see what photos have already been uploaded - if it's already been done, find something else to take a photo of!

Once done taking pics (save them as jpg files), head into the lab and digitize the points for each photo within Google Earth.  Include a good description of each photo/art thingy. Label each point with the same name as your jpg image (plus your last name - ie - 'wind sculpture hickey').  This way we can ID the photographer. 

Combine all your saved kml point files into a single kmz file using the following method: Create a new folder in My Places - give it a useful name. Drag all your digitized points into that folder. Then right click on the folder and save place as - give it a name, save as a kmz file. All the stuff will then be saved as a single kmz file. Whoo hoo.

Then, upload your kmz file and all your pics to the lab3 folder on the transfer drive (inside the google_earth folder). Put ALL your files in a folder with your name on it.

Next week, we will judge the pics in class.  Everyone gets to go through everyone's pics and selects what they consider to be the 10 best photos (and accompanying descriptions) of 10 different  places.  I will then compile this list and select from it the best of the best of the best.  Of the best.

The person who ends up with the most photos in the final selection, as chosen by the lot of us, shall be awarded a gift certificate from a local pizza joint.

Before you finish up, you will notice in the layers section of GE, panoramio is an option. (under photos)  Turn it on and head over to Seattle.  See what it does! 

After the vote, we will need to upload at least a few photos to Panoramio. You will need to have a google account to upload them!  Dang.  this is cool.

To turn in - the KMZ file with all your points and their associated photos.  On the transfer drive.

Due next monday BEFORE class.

ps - I have a decent camera if anyone wants to borrow it.

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