Data and Google Earth

GEOG 499: Spring, 2015

Credits: 1
GEOG 499

Lab 4

The objective of this class is to georeference a few maps. The maps to use are all in the J:/google/lab5 subdirectory on the data drive. We'll start with an easy one, one that is properly to scale, etc - a USGS quad sheet (badger_ytc.tif). You will then move along and georeference two historical maps. There are 6 in the same subdirectory (all from David Rumsey's very cool website) - pick two (or go online and grab other historical maps that might interest you).

Put the three maps into a lab5_<yourname> subdirectory on your flash drive - do all of your saves, etc into this folder. When you're done, you will upload this subdirectory to the transfer drive for me to check.

To georeference the map, first fly to the location that corresponds to the map.  Then click the 'add image overlay' button in the tool bar and add one of the maps form the file, labeling it appropriately.  Green borders will appear delineating the boundaries of the image.  Use the cross hairs to stretch and rotate the image over the landscape.  Note, to see through the image, change the transparency in the image overlay window that pops up when you click on the add image overlay button.When you are finished, click ok.  If you want to manipulate the image after, right click on the file in the left panel in Places and select properties.  The green borders will appear again.  Readjust the image and click ok.   Before completely finishing with the image, right click on the jpg image name in GE and do a 'save place as' - save as a kmz file. This file, combined with your jpg will open the georeferenced jpg in the correct spot.

Now, within the description tab of the add image overlay window, write a paragraph or two or three or four...(you will do this three times, once for each image). I would like the following information: First, how well did the georeferencing work? Why or why not? Where was it good, bad, why? How old do you think the map is? What's on GE that isn't on the map? Notice anything interesting? Other comments?

When finished with all three maps, upload your full subdirectory to the transfer drive - k:/google_class/lab5/. Be sure the subdirectory name includes your name, so I know who did what work.

Due friday, 1 may by 5:00..

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