Intro to Google Earth

GEOG 499: Spring, 2015

Credits: 1
GEOG 499

Lab 5

Next, let's create a bit of a tour within Google Earth. Conveniently, Google has an online exercise that will work.

Head off to https://mapping.withgoogle.com/course and check it out. We've pretty much done everything in GE up to the Google Earth Project. Head into it and make a tour. Follow all their instructions.

Pick somewhere you've been or are interested in. Make sure you completely reference any photos etc that aren't yours. Also, think ahead a bit. Next week's lab will involve a flythrough of somewhere. It's entirely possible that you could do both labs of the same place. So, think about that, too.

due friday. I want a SINGLE kml/kmz file (and associated pics, etc), not one file for every point. Make sure the folder and filenames include your last name. Put the files in the google subdir on the transfer drive.

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