image of a tern
80 mile beach 1999

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Photo and Map credits:

Warren Utting (photographer, Volunteer - mechanic)

  • All mudfight photos!
  • Michelle (Curtin University honours student) explaining something to Theunis.
  • Kalgano Bore.
  • Birds.
  • The lovely photos of our fearless leaders.
  • Sea snake.
  • Tawny frogmouth.
  • Singing the song.
  • The Cooks and the reaction to their food.
  • The campsite.

Grant Pearson (photographer, Group leader - logistics, CALM)

  • All hoovercraft rescue photos.
  • Sorting2 (volunteers sorting the field samples).
  • The small and large hoovercraft photos.
  • Petra modelling the map.
  • Group1 (first week group photo).

Robert Hickey (photographer, Sr. Lecturer, Curtin University - Now Assistant Professor, Central Washington University)

  • Sorting1 (volunteers sorting the field samples).
  • Group2 (second week group photo).
  • Crowd (listening to Theunis go over research progress and the next day's agenda) .

Kevin Kenneally (photographer, Landscope Expeditions)

  • Heading out 1 and 2.

Marie-Louise Thonell (photographer, Undergraduate student, Notre Dame University)

  • The mad dog.
  • The lizard.
  • Helicopter rides.
  • Species ID.

G.J. Robinson (photographer)

  • The photo of the Dutch scientists.

Michelle Crean (cartographer, Honours student, Curtin University)

  • All maps developed for the preliminary report - Maps 14, 16, and 17 are on the web.

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