Download a little Visual Basic executable which will generate a regularly spaced point grid that is based on the user's inputs: min/max x,y values and the grid spacing.

It is designed to generate the grid based upon UTM or State Plane coordinates. If tried with latitude/longitude, the grid will not be regular (lat/long is a spherical coordinate system and the distance between degrees varies depending on the position on the globe). As a quick example, you might need a 200m grid of points over a certain area of the world. First, get the min/max UTM coordinates for that area, type them into the text boxes on the main form, type in '200' as the spacing, and hit 'run'.

The output will be a text file containing all your points (x,y, and a unique identifier). This file is named 'newgrid.txt' and can be found in the same subdirectory as this code.

I have successfully used this code to generate point files which I later imported into ArcGIS. It was all part of the SROEBIM: Benthics and Birds research project. For example, sample_pts.jpg is a ArcGIS map showing three grids: in red is a set of points from 1997, in blue is a 200m set for the northern part of the bay, and in green is a 400m grid for the south and east sides of the bay. The original point files covered a rectangular area - what's visible here has been edited to pare down the file size and clutter. Final_map.jpg is one of our final maps - it illustrates those points we managed to sample during a 3 week field season..

Download HERE. The software is free, please acknowledge the author.

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last modified: 10 July, 2008