Geospatial Intelligence

GEOG 499: Spring, 2011

Credits: 1
GEOG 499



  • Basic intro to intelligence (ppt here) (read chapter 1 of text) Chapter 2 of the text is interesting - a history of the US intel community - but is not required reading.
  • Lecture 2 - went through Chapter 3 of the text
  • Lecture 3 - went through Chapter 4 of the text
  • Lecture 4 - class cancelled - work on lab 3.
  • Lecture 5 - Geoint overview. From geoint doctrine.pdf (on data drive, along with ppt). Discussed labs 1-3. Assigned lab 4.
  • Lecture 6 - more on collection.
  • Lecture 7 - class cancelled, speaker cancelled at last minute. Class assignment, spend some time reading about the capabilities of Falcon View.
  • Lecture 7 - Colonel John Armour (USAF-ROTC) gave a presentation on the Predator and then Falcon View.
  • Lecture 8 - Tony Sowards. Homework. Watch two movies: The Spy Factory and Enemy of the State (if you can't netflix/rent it, see me, I can check out a copy)
  • Lecture 9: Discussed previous week's assignments. Evals. Picked date/time for final (friday, 3 June at 3:00. Meet in the GIS lab. Exam will take about an hour.). Watch one more movie (Charlie Wilson's War). Two reading assignments (On the border and geotechnology in the US Military), both in the "lecture9" subdirectory of this class's subdirectory on the data drive. Provide, before class next tuesday, reading summaries for both articles.
  • Lecture 10: Discussed previous week's assignments. Lecture re Chapter 5 of the text (up to page 90, where SIGINT starts).
  • Final Exam - Friday, 3 June at 3:00. Plan on an hour to an hour and a half.


  • Lab 1: work through the "Eye in the Sky" book. DO NOT write in the book at all - these may be the last set in existence..... Answer all the questions, including the bonus ones. When answering "where" questions - reference as a bearing and distance from the center of the image. Remember, 360 degrees in a circle. 0 is N, 90 is E, 180 is S, 270 is W. Measure distance in inches. Approximate direction and distance is fine - just give me enough info to know that you did it. Due Monday, 4 April by 5:00 (printed and in the box outside my office door).
  • Lab 2: Jobs
  • Lab 3: Targeting
  • Lab 4 - IED applications

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