Projects available for graduate students

  • Habitat change over the past 50(?) years on the major mudflats along the Asia-Pacific Flyway (an airphoto/remote sensing project). A focus on Bohai Bay, and other parts of the Yellow Sea, China. Including the impliations for migratory wading birds that use the Yellow Sea. Great MS or even undergrad project!
  • The effects of weather on benthic invertebrates in Roebuck Bay, Western Australia. Primarily a stats project.
  • An examination of landuse (current and potential) within interstate median strips (largely a GIS/management project).
  • A comparison of different RUSLE slope length calculations within ArcGIS. Will require an individual with significant programming skills.
  • Developing a geospatial music application - spatially tagged music will play as you travel! Will require an individual with significant programming and database skills.
  • I'd like to see a project which examines peoples perceptions of scale, particularly examining images at both the macro and micro scales. Something similar to this project, though a research question will need to be defined.
  • Using GIS to help market and recruit for a university.
  • Ranking every county by scenery, climate, liveablilty, etc. Perhaps even an online version with MCDM weights. Like this, only way, way better.

Personal Research Interests:

  • Slope angle and slope length calculations from DEMs for use in erosion modelling.
  • Environmental modelling of Roebuck Bay and 80 Mile Beach, Western Australia.
  • Applications of Digital Terrain Models .
  • Geologic exploration - focussing on GIS and remote sensing applications.
  • General environmental and ecological modelling using GIS and/or digital satellite imagery.
  • Life mapping within Google Earth.


For a complete list of publications, presentations, and current and past student research projects, please see my full academic CV.

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