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Understanding the environmental conditions which allow the exceptional migratory bird habitat at Roebuck Bay, Western Australia

Research Description
The rapid expansion of Broome, WA's premier tourist location and increasing commercial exploitation of the region of Roebuck Bay threaten wetland habitats of international importance as feeding grounds for migratory wading birds protected under the Ramsar Convention. Conservation of the wading pird population, a significant tourist asset, is dependent upon maintenance of food organisms inhabiting extensive tidal mudflats. This study will investigate the nature and distribution of these invertebrate prey animals and the degree to which they are subjected , and are susceptible, to pollution. The study will provide base line data and a management plan by which future impacts of pollution may be minimised.

View the preliminary report regarding the pilot study done during June, 1997.

For a good description of Roebuck Bay, visit the Environment Australia ~ Biodiversity Group official Roebuck Bay Ramsar Site web page.

Enjoy a few photos!

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